2015 Overall Like Me Snowboard Series Standings

LIKE ME SNOWBOARD SERIES | Overall Series Standings

Like Me Snowboard Series event results are assigned the FIS 50 point scale throughout the season, with Finals being assigned FIS 70 point scale. The best two results using those assigned points are averaged for the Overall Ranking Score.

Slopestyle events are judged overall and then sorted into age groups for recognition.
Snowboard Cross events have two categories, FIS and Open Age Group.

Slopestyle | Female Overall Series Results
Slopestyle | Female Results sorted into Age Groups
Slopestyle | Male Overall Series Results
Slopestyle | Male Results sorted into Age Groups
Snowboard Cross | Female FIS Overall Results
Snowboard Cross | Male FIS Overall Series Results
Snowboard Cross | Female Open Age Group Series Results
Snowboard Cross | Male Open Age Group Series Results